License infos



Our images are primarily intended for romance novel book covers, and promo material related to a romance book.

Our images may not be used by and for media engaged in pornography, sex trade and similar industries.  

Our images may not be used in medias deemed racist or xenophobe or promotting such behavior.

ROYALTY-FREE IMAGE LICENSING   (Print and e-book cover) $45

Our license is non-exclusive, single-user and non-transferrable

The license allows to use the image for one book cover (print and e-book) and all promo material related to the book. 

With the purchase of any image, you have the non-exclusive right to use that image for a book cover and any other promo material related to that book (Bookmarks, printed postcards, Printed banner, Social media banner, Web trailer.)


Our license do not allows the use of our images on products for resale such as Fine-Art prints, cards, stationnery, paper product, calendars, posters, ...etc 

Would you want to use our images for other purposes than Book covers, please contact us for a quotation.